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A Letter from Rob

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I am passionate about my work because it’s tremendously fulfilling to help people make financial decisions that fit their life goals. 

Clients are always surprised at the devotion I put in financial planning. In my experience, the real challenge lies in analyzing both the entire picture and all the working parts. By thoughtfully developing and delivering an honest and approachable plan, I’m confident that I help my clients clarify their unique paths to financial success. 

I encourage young professionals to make their long-term objectives through considerate day-to-day decisions. I assisted couples who are transitioning into their retirement years. Along the way, I’ve helped others explore the ramifications of major decisions – a vocational change, a return to school, the purchase or improvement of a home. 

After high school, I found a rewarding career in the Air National Guard. During the last 20 years of service, I witnessed military members’ inability to save money while doing multiples tours in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar and etc. During these deployments, I also learned just how vulnerable some individuals and families were when dependent upon a military retirement alone. Realizing their need for financial stability drove me to become a financial advisor. In 2005 I worked as a portfolio analyzed for a local advisor who with their support, I became licensed. My experiences lead me to formalize my life as a financial advisor with HD Vest, one of the leading and most respected financial companies in the US. 

HD Vest brokerage assets are protected by SIPC and by other insurance companies for First Clearing (member of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and other major exchanges) aggregate limits of $1 billion (including up to $1.9 million for cash per client).

In 2010 I married my best friend Laurel and in 2014 we welcomed the birth of our son. Because of these life experiences I have a better understanding of how financial goals will change and how I will better assist you with those needs. At Webster Wealth Management LLC, I believe that “wealth” has more value than money; it’s the wealth of education, kinship, family and friendships that make our lives important. 

I’d be honored to serve you with your financial success!

Kind Regards,


Rob Webster

Financial Advisor/Owner